Chiusa Grande – Donna Sophia

A celebration of the most authentic Italian spirit.

Franco D’Eusanio, a graduate in agricultural sciences and consultant to the winegrowing industry for many years, founded his winery in 1994. With his heartfelt belief in the organic farming philosophy, Franco earned himself the titles of “vinosopher” and “bio-innovator”, his love of Nature dictated by ethical beliefs and his quest to revive tradition for the recovery of equilibrium in the eco-system.

Chiusa Grande produces various lines of wines, each with its own precise identity. “Donna Sophia” is one of them. Winking at the changing world, combining modernity and tradition, following new trends and market needs, Chiusa Grande meet the tastes of young consumers without losing sight of the style required by the most demanding ones. Donna Sophia’s wines do not make distinction of gender, age or class, they celebrate the most authentic Italian spirit, the enological tradition of Abruzzo and they are open to the new without setting boundaries.

Organic wines for everyone, versatile in the matching, enjoyable in drinking, characterized by a strong personality that will always leave you with the insatiable desire to come back and sip them in order to celebrate the pleasant moments of the day.