Agricole Selvi – Vignali Roccamena

A name that comes from the word “amena”, attractive: a quality of these wines.

Tuscany, Abruzzo, Puglia, Campania and Sicily. Thanks to its almost secular experience and its knowledge, Agricole Selvi with its group is able to produce the great wines of the most important wine-producing areas of Italy. Their range of products is wide and various, fact that gives to Agricole Selvi a great recognizability on the Italian wine market.

Vignali Roccamena is the line dedicated to the wines of Campania and Sicily, two regions in the Southern part of Italy.

The name Vignali Roccamena is inspired by the homonymous city in the province of Palermo, the wonderful capital of Sicily. In fact, most of the grapes come from these areas (precisely from the Belice Valley) and the nearby archaeological area Monte Maranfusa. The word Roccamena has distant origins: it seems that a prince passing through those parts and seeing the old fortress of the town pronounced those words “rocca” (fortress) and “amena” (attractive).

Attractive, like the wines of Agricole Selvi.