Massimo Rattalino

The aim is to realize something unique.

The aim of Massimo Rattalino is to realize something unique. The vines are cultivated to obtain only the best grapes and put through an impeccable vinification process to yeld a refined and special wines.

The dream of dedicating Massimo Rattalino life to viticulture, the passion for prestigious wine, the fondness for the oenological tradition of the Piedmont region soon became an ambitious project: to produce wines predominantly from Nebbiolo grapes and bet on this unique, ancient vine, which is convenient for the new and more exigent international markets. In doing this Massimo Rattalino despise any compromises with the new oenological trend which risks sacrificing the good quality in the name of mass production.

The work is based on very precise rules and every step of it is followed and checked: the work with the vines, the pruning, the general maintenance, the thinning out, the choose of the grapes destined to be cru, the fermentation and the aging, with an extreme care of the large barrels, which are preferres to barrique.