The breath of the wind, the reflections of gold.

In the name of Aurantis there is the wind, the aura that blows over their vineyards and gives wine its unique taste. A breeze that comes from afar, because it swelled the sails of the fleet that dominated the world, carrying the name and prestige of the Serenissima everywhere. But there are also the reflections of gold, in Latin aurum, the precious metal that seems to shine in every glass.

With Aurantis, one can taste the unique nature of a territory and the richness of a tradition that has its roots in remote times. The hills where Aurantis Prosecco is born are a Unesco World Heritage Site, and its name dates back to the sixteenth century. A noble and ancient history and a present in continuous evolution, for a wine capable of maintaining the alchemy between ancient knowledge and new knowledge, in order to keep its distinctive character unaltered.

This is the path chosen by Aurantis which, from the choice of the vines to the control of all the production phases, pursues the objective of excellence, which must not be declared but perceived. In every sip.