Chiusa Grande – Kosher

Kosher for Passover certified wines.

At Chiusa Grande traditional values and ethics are more important than profit. Their organisation is committed to transparency with respect both for nature and for their customers.  To honour teir commitment to running a transparent business, during the years Chiusa Grande has obtained many certifications, included the Kosher one, which make the mone of the most higly certified cellar in Europe.

Quality, customer care and affordability of the product find their expression in the Kosher for Passover certified vinifications of the two main native grapes of Abruzzo, Montepulciano and Trebbiano, both produced with organic farming methods, aged in steel tanks following the strict productive constraints guaranteed by the guidance and supervision of Rabbi Elmaleh with whom Chiusa Grande has been collaborating for more than ten years.

Particularly suggested for consumption in occasion of Jewish Easter, these wines are sincere, genuine, smooth, with a low content of sulfur dioxide, to be consumed young but, because of the particular type of processing, with an interesting keeping in time.