Unique italian wines since 1931.

For over eighty years Avanzi family has been producing wines utilizing the highest quality grapes, grown in the region of Lake Garda where they have more than 138 acres of vineyards and olive groves.

The strong relationship between the Avanzi family and their land led to the creation of the family business in 1931. This tradition began when the founder, Giovanni Avanzi, attained an excellent red wine from the grapes of the Garda Lake region and the tradition has continued with his sons, Gianpietro and Alessandro.

Today the sons and grandchildren are keeping the tradition alive with the same passionate spirit, devotion, loving care, and quality that have become synonymous with the Avanzi name. Their proven passion for Garda and Lugana Wines has inspired them, generation after generation, to continuously seek improvement in all aspects of wine quality and wine production. In the family winery, the Avanzi family produces the most prestigious Garda wines, Lugana wines and sparkling wines.