Spirit of achievement

The Castagner Distillery is situated in Italy’s Veneto region, in a strategic wine-growing area. Founded in 1996 by Master Distiller Roberto Castagner, it is nowadays one of the biggest and most awarded Grappa distilleries in Italy.

Master Distiller Roberto Castagner’s dream was to innovate traditional grappa using highly-technological equipment and systems, making his distillery one of the most pioneering and advaced companies in the entire industry. A barrique cellar with more than 3.000 small barriques that keep Grappa from 12 months to 23 years, represents the real pride of the Master Distiller.

The Master Distiller is the fulcrum and kingpin of the company he founded. He is now accompanied by his nephew, Carlo, who shares the same passion for oenology, and his sons Silvia, Giulia and Giovanni, who work alongside him to develop the business, sharing his vision snd his love for this work.