Birra Italia

A true Italian story.

Founded in 1906, Birra Italia expresses all the fizzy tast of that age, still today letting us taste a world of freshness and excitement, along with the passion, typical of our country, for things that are good and artfully made.

Joy, light-heartedness, joie de vivre: this was the spirit of Belle Epoque, and it is the essence of Birra Italia. Thus this premium beer, produced according to the old Italian recipe, journeyed through history to come back today as a great classic, a timeless pleasure, dedicated to those with a thirst for excitement. Birra Italia is now brewed in Udine, at an ideal venue to express the combination between artisan skill and cutting-edge technologies which characterizes the brand.

Birra Italia today puts into each bottle all the vitality and outstanding entrepreneurial ability that are typical of the Made in Italy. Today it is one of the very few international style lager that can claim to be 100% owned, managed and brewed in Italy.