Avanzi 1931

Avanzi’s past and future.

Avanzi looks furter. They think about their children and future. They want to keep their wolderful place as pure as they can. Their winery is a very big family, where young people learn from the older. Where the new generation’s fresh ideas are very welcome and where the older share their-own knowledge.

Avanzi’s past and future is enclosed in the 1931 line, which takes its name fromt the year of foundation of the company. The dynamic packaging, which recalls natural elements, combined with Avanzi’s traditional wine, can be defined as a “journey into the past with a modern interpretation”.

1931 Groppello is a young red wine with a characteristic vinous and sapid bouquet and an aftertaste of bitter almonds.
1931 Pinot Bianco is obtained from grapes grown in Avanzi’s Antica Bragagna vineyard in Sirmione. It is a floral strong and intense wine with a soft and balanced taste.
1931 Chiaretto comes from black grapes that have been vinified in white, meaning that the must is separated from the skins to obtain the characteristic color, typical of Chiaretto. It is one of the most typical wines of Lake Garda.