Oltreoro Moscato Oltrepò Pavese DOP

AREA: Torrazza Coste, Codevilla, Borgo Priolo



GRAPE VARIETY: white Muscat

ALCOHOL: 4,5 % by Vol.


SUGGESTED FOOD: excellent when served with biscuits, creams and cakes.


Destemmed grapes are softly pressed and the must is instantly filtered and cooled in order to stop the fermentation and then stored in refrigerated tanks at 0°C. The must is then transferred in autoclave to reactivate the fermentation until the alcohol level of 4.5°C is reached. Referementation is stopped by decreasing the temperature. The wine is then microfiltered while it’s being bottles. All the points of passage from the autoclavs to the bottles are steam sterilized.

This Oltreoro is a lively deep straw yellow color wine with golden glints.

It is intense and persistent, typically aromatic. The original primary aroma of Muscat is preserved and reminiscent of rosehip and sage leaf. Sweet, full-flavored with a citrus aftertaste and a long finish.

Serve at a temperature of 4-6°C.

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