Grappa Casta

AREA: Prosecco



RAW MATERIAL: Prosecco Grappa (85%)

ALCOHOL: 40 % by Vol.


CASTA is the result of the Laboratorio Italiano project, the first grappa to be made from pure grape skins, created for mixing. A team of 12 bartenders, all opinion leaders, came together with the Castagner distillery to create a product and a project dedicated to mixology.

As soon as the incredibly fresh grape skins arrive to the distillery, the pips and stalks are removed, eliminating all wood-like plant substances. After removing the woody parts, the grape skins are stored using the Grappa System method, which involves storing them in food-grade plastic tunnels in a modified atmosphere with pH correction. CASTA is distilled 5 times using the continuous technique in columns over 20 metres high.

Transparent and limpid in color, the nose is smooth and enveloping, offering delicate aromas and flavors, with light fruity and floral notes in the background. The sip is pleasing and of good persistence.

CASTA is perfect in Italian versions of vermouth, bitters and liqueur-based classics and best shows off its versatility as a base for Italian sour cocktails.

Serve at a temperature between 8°C and 10°C.

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