Assalto Sangiovese Terre di Chieti IGT

AREA: Nocciano



GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Sangiovese

ALCOHOL: 12,5% by Vol.



It is an excellent accompaniment to pasta dishes, low-fat meat dishes and medium-aged cheeses.


The harvest takes place in the first and second week of October, when the grapes reach full maturity. The grapes are harvested by hand, respecting their integrity and intrinsic characteristics organoleptic.

The vinification takes place in the respect of tradition applying the modern principles of red wine making which, after the selection of the grapes, foresees the destemming and the contact of the skins with the must for about 7-10 days at a controlled temperature of 15°C for the first 2 days and 25-27°C for the following days.

During this period of alcoholic fermentation and contact of the must with the skins, periodic pumping over of the must is carried out to allow the fractional extraction of the polyphenolic and aromatic substances present on the skins and which will characterize the colour and taste of the future wine. Once the extraction phase is over, the wine obtained is separated from the skins by soft pressing and transferred to steel tanks where both the alcoholic fermentation and the subsequent malolactic fermentation are completed. After an appropriate storage period of about six months in steel tanks to allow the right maturation of the tannins, the wine is stabilized, filtered and bottled.

Assalto has a garnet red color. Quite intense and persistent perfume, fruity with light floral hints.

The taste is medium-bodied, tannic and balanced.

Serve at temperature of 16°-18°C.

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