The Harvest announces exclusive importing of the wines of Provenza – Cà Maiol

We are happy to announce that beginning today, The Harvest Importing will be the exclusive United States distributor of the wines of Provenza–Cà Maiol.

A balanced combination of tradition and modernity, The Provenza winery is made up of four farmhouses: the oldest is Cà Maiöl, built in 1710 by the notary Sebastiano Maioli from Desenzano, and since 1967 the main headquarters of the Provenza activity. To this, over the years, the Contato family has added the lands of Molino, Rocchetta and Storta farms, where new vineyards have been planted to respond to rapidly growing market demand. In recent years, the winery has added a modern and extensive underground cellar and an architecturally enhanced exhibition area, where the public can taste all the products of the company, from the wines to the grappa, as well as the typical and special extra virgin olive oils of Lake Garda.

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