Vinicola Decordi

In over 80 years of business, research and investments, the Decordi Family has a long tradition and experience of wine-making.

The numbers of the Vinicola Decordi are: up to 10,000 units produced every hour, more than 1,500 different labels, automated production for any size, from 0.375L to 1.5 L. It produces and bottles more than 200 types of wine from all parts of Italy and it is particularly specialised in the production of sparkling wines. It produces huge quantities of Lambrusco (red, white and rosè, DOC and IGT), Prosecco, Sangue di Giuda, Moscato and lots of other famous Italian wines.
Borgo Imperiale reunites the Lambrusco of Emilia varieties and also offers various sparkling D.O.C. wines.
Cortesole is a line of top-quality traditional wines, which Decordi offers to the best restaurants and wine bars. The Cortesole brand includes sparkling wines, refined barrelled wines, dessert wines and meditation wines.
Vallecalda, on the other hand, offers an assortment of Italy’s best-known wines worldwide.
The Decordi product lines are renowned on the international market.
The company has become the consolidated ambassador of Italian wine for Japan, as well as for the markets of North and South America, and is proud to hold the distinction of being the exclusive Italian representative for a large number of importers. The Vinicola Decordi is well introduced in the international markets and sells its wines in a large number of foreign countries (like Spain, Japan, Russia etc.).