Cantina Terre de’ Trinci

History and culture interweave in a landscape of soft contours, dotted with turrets, villages, and Medieval castles. All is enriched by pleasant wine and food itineraries, helping visitors discover the area’s historic offerings.

The story of Terre de’Trinci’s roots date back to 1992, though our cellar has existed since 1950. We began making wine in 1950 as a way to preserve the region’s enormous historical and cultural heritage. Since then, in perfect harmony with the features of the place, where gentle hillsides planted with vines recount man’s pride and labours, we have sought to maintain a strong, intact link with the territory and its main varietal, the Sagrantino.

In the early 1960s, we became the first producer to make and bottle the “dry” version of this complex and unbelievably elegant wine. Over the years, we have single-mindedly pursued a grand objective: quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Today, with modern equipment and a new cellar, this same quality allows us to bring fantastic wines to the market, from our lands in the very heart of Umbria, looking to the world with the same pride we have always had.