Tenuta Scerscé

Heart, courage, creativity are the three words that distinguish this exciting journey.

Tenuta Scerscé, a new generation company, was born as a natural path of a young woman, Cristina Scarpellini, thinking head of the company. Passionate about Nebbiolo and firm in her business vision, she recognizes the great vocation of a territory where the main grape is Nebbiolo from the Alps, locally called Chiavennasca.

The winery has the heart of its vineyards in Teglio, at a height ranging from 450 m above sea level to 700 m above sea level. The symbol that distinguishes the company, the hoe called sciarscèl, originates from the peasant culture, to underline the production philosophy of the winery, which has always been oriented toward tradition and purity. Three the wines offered since the first harvest, whose characteristics of elegance, finesse and drinkability blend well with the terroir from which they are born.

A reality able to express its own identity in an authentic way. Tenuta Scerscé wants to be the highest expression of respect for the Valtellina territory, which is reflected in the uniqueness of the company’s products.