Tenuta Scerscé

Heart, courage, creativity are the three words that distinguish this exciting journey.

Is in the wonderful scenery of Valtellina, land close to the Rhaetian Alps known for its breath-taking landscapes, for its magnificent mountains and for its great wines, that borns Tenuta SCERSCÉ.
The eminent architecture of the terraced vineyards along the steep and winding slopes of the valley, offers to the sight and to the heart the beauty and the care of the hard work of man.
The company borns as a natural course of Cristina Scarpellini, the thinking head of the firm. Her love for Valtellina induce her to make wine from the grape of the small property and in 2008 she created Tenuta SCERSCÉ that, respecting the “heroic” viticulture of the region, look with foresight to Nebbiolo, the main wine varietal of the Rhaetian Alps.
Three are the wines proposed since the first harvest of 2008, where the terroir blends with the elegance and delicacy of Nebbiolo, locally called chiavennasca.
Heart, courage and creativity are the three words that characterize the life of Cristina. Nebbiolo is passion, Nebbiolo is imagination.