Made in Bio

From the vine to the wine.

Young, competent, dynamic, we are based in Abruzzo, one of the most interesting production areas in Italy, and we dedicate most of our working time to the care of the vineyards and to carefully follow the ageing of our wines.

The production is focused on indigenous vines with the aim of keeping alive the strong link with our history and our tradition. The vineyards are cultivated from 200 meters to 450 meters above sea level on a clayey soil, rich in trace elements such as magnesium, potassium and calcium, an ideal condition for transferring intense chromatism, aroma and taste to our wines.

Quality, character and originality of our wines are therefore a natural consequence of our continuous search for respectful and ethical behavior. Ethics and the environment are in fact two elements that are particularly close to our heart, so in our company we reduce emissions to a minimum, preserve our land and follow environmental sustainability policies. In our opinion, uncontaminated land, clean air and respect for nature are essential conditions for the production of indigenous wines of undeniable genuineness and with a great quality-price ratio.