Jean Baptiste Audy

We love wines that fully express their terroir, produced by passionate and responsible winemakers, who are increasingly conscious of the environment.

Jean-Baptiste AUDY is a family-run company with a solid financial standing. Our century-old cellars on the Quai du Priourat contain several million bottles, and we can offer distributors around the world wines from all over Bordeaux that have been stocked under perfect conditions.

Jean-Baptiste AUDY is known for creating, thanks to the technical team in its own vineyards, powerful partnerships with chateaux across Bordeaux. Through access to both a range of exclusively-distributed chateaux, classified growths, and our own family properties, our clients are guaranteed an extensive, high-quality range of wines.

Over 65% of our sales head overseas, notably to North America, Europe (Belgium, UK, Switzerland, Germany…), Asia (Japan, China, Korea), but also in Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Colombia) and the Middle East (Lebanon, Dubai…). The rest takes place in France, through both traditional retailers and restaurants, and supermarkets.