Chiusa Grande – Stone Wine

Devoted to organic wine philosophy.

Franco D’Eusanio, a graduate in agricultural sciences and consultant to the winegrowing industry for many years, found his winery in 1994. With his heartfelt belief in the organic farming philosophy, Franco earned himself the titles of “vinosopher” and “bio-innovator”, his love of Nature dictated by ethical beliefs and his quest to revive tradition for the recovery of equilibrium in the eco-system.

Chiusa Grande produces various lines of wines, each with its own precise identity. “I vini della pietra”, “Stone Wine”, is one of them.

The ancestral practice of winemaking in stone. Narration of shepherds and echoes of transhumance. Autochthonous tales like bunches of grapes that ferment in the millstones to give us mineral wines with an authentic taste. In the rocky basins of Petra Iniqua (Pietranico) the nectar is dressed in history and nostalgia, fascinating our senses. The vineyards are located in the surroundings of Pietranico, a small village of Pescara, where since ancient times the use of rock basins for crushing and winemaking was widespread.