Chiusa Grande – Vinosophia

Reject fashion and create uniqueness.

Vinosophia is a new concept created by Franco d’Eusanio, the founder of Chiusa Grande.

The word “Vinosophia” combine his philosophy for life with organic winemaking, emotionally and sensorially. “Vino”, in fact, means “wine”, and “sophia” is an ancient greek word that means “sapience”.

“The decision to embrace organic agriculture cannot be driven solely by the need to flood the market. The foundation must be one of committed beliefs and a lifestyle attuned to the choices made. We have to understand how farming that relies on intensive use of chemicals will lead us down a blind alley. I believe it’s possible to make a good wine without bowing down to the god of profit, and with an eye to the health of the consumer’s mind and body”, writes Franco D’Eusanio.

The wines of the Vinosophia’s line are made to reject fashion and to create uniqueness: the products of Chiusa Grande’s Vinosophia are a reinterpretation of the most famous and typical wines from Abruzzi region.