Family vineyards in Friuli.

For many generations the Pittaro family has been cultivating the Vitis vinifera, the vine, in its beloved land. A Friulian family with an authentic history that firmly believes in the passion for its land and for the cultivation of the vine. A passion made of noble goodwill, a veritable religion. Just like a Christian faith, traditionally handed down through medieval legends explaining the origins whereby the hawthorn was born, sign of great value and purity and, princely but straight at the same time, the symbol of the Pitars brand. Just like the forceful Friulian rural tradition, with the refined skills of a very special vocation, all cultivated together, day after day.

The Pitars are a descent of master wine makers, who had been producing excellent wines ever since 1510.

The Pitars world is a small ancient world, rich of the true values of the Friulian tradition and of the passionate care that characterizes every step and every detail of the complex winemaking process. This is made in a technologically advanced winery with highly specialized wine-making system, with a capacity of over twenty thousand hectoliters, witness to an agro-technique evolution of exceptional standing.