A noble and ancient history, a present in continuous evolution.

Evocative of Aura,the winged impersonification of the breeze Zefiro’s lover in the Greek mythology: that soft and gentle wind which brushes and refreshes.

This naming also recalls the aura interpreted like that characteristic “enlightenment” emanate from living beings. Here meant like freshness and positivity, features expressed from the name of the wines that compose this new line.

The spearhead of Aurantis’ wine production is Prosecco DOC, one of the most famous and sought after Italian wines in the world.  Aurantis Prosecco DOC Spumante Brut is a sparkling white wine with a light and fruity bouquet. Its slightly sweetish flavour makes this wine perfect with freshwater fish courses and light hors d’oeuvre. Aurantis Sangue di Giuda is naturally spakling sweet red wine produced from a combination of Croatina, uva rara grapes. Its fruity fragrance includes crushed berries, dark plums and black cherries. The good acidity balances its sweetness creating a delicate, fresh and fruity taste, best wnjoyed while the wine is young.