Alessandro Rivetto

Cultivating wonder.

The grandfather Ercole introduced Alessandro to the vineyard and cellar, as did his great-grandfather Giovanni before him. Thanks to them, Alessandro began this love story and lifelong passion with wine. Ercole had strong ties to his territory of origins. He knew how to transfer his father’s intuition and use it as launching point to explore new productive possibilities. But more than anything else, he gave to Alessandro the pleasure of working with a smile.

Alessandro found this same spirit, stubborn yet lighthearted, mindful but not too serious, in 2012 in his business partner Alessandro Bonelli, an enologist, who tends to all technical aspect of the winery’s production today. He also found it Mauro Adriano, who added his extensive knowledge of the international market when he joined the company. Together they form a team that carries the project of a dream that began when Alessandro was just a child, one that he’s followed for over twenty years of work in his professional life: to produce wines that excite through telling consumers about how they are made from hard work, pleasure, and an inclination for sharing.

For them, that dream today is a compelling exploration of what their vineyards are able to offer, year after year. But it is also the challenge that they set ourself for new clients who discover and appreciate their wines in every angle of the world. Because they’re certain that beyonf growing vines, they enjoying cultivating wonder and the genuine smile that their work gives them.