Agricole Selvi – Marchesi Bassini

The noble tradition of classic Italian wines

For over a hundred years, Marchesi Bassini have explored the International markets by promoting their Tuscan wines but their complete selection includes even the most renowed wines from the major wine-producing regions of Italy.

Their love for Italy and its wines has led to the composition during the years of a collection of the greatest varietal and regional wines.

The Great Italian Vines are the custodians and the vehicles of the cultural and historical heritage of Marchesi Bassini territory. The geographic position of Italy, crossroad of people and cultures, the ecological and socioeconomic diversities of its regions, have given birth to extraordinary wines obtained with selected grapes throughout the centuries. Every year they taste hundreds of wines and make a severe selection of which ones offer the best quality/price ratio besides strong varietal characteristics.

They hope that their work will help to maintain alive your interest in all those wines that are the true expressions of a territory, a culture, a population.