Vinosophia Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC

AREA: Nocciano



GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Trebbiano

ALCOHOL: 12,5% by Vol.


SUGGESTED FOOD: Ideal to match seafood starters, light first courses and seafood dishes and low-fat cheese; excellent as an aperitif.


The harvest takes place in the third week of September when the grapes reach full maturity. The grapes are harvested bu hand to respect their integrity and intrinsic characteristics organoleptic.

The vinification is done in the respect of tradition by applying the modern principles of white wine making. After the selection of the best grapes, the destemming and a short pellicular maceration is carried out, that is the contact of the skins with the must at a temperature of 15-18°C for about 8-10 hours. This facilitates the fractional extraction of the skins noble components that will determine the personality of the future wine. Subsequently. soft pressing is carried out and the must is chilled to a temperature of 8-10°C and decanted for about 10-12 hours. The clear must obtained is added to the selected yeasts and fermented at a temperature of 16-18°C.

The wine obtained is stored in steel tanks on the fine lees for about 3 months. After this period the wine is racked and stored in steel tanks at a temperature of about 12°C which allows to keep its aromatic and freshness characteristics intact until bottling.

At all stages of winemaking to ensure and protect the genuineness and wholesomeness of the product are respected the rules laid down in the specifications for the production of organic wines.

Vinosophia Trebbiano d’Abruzzo has a straw yellow slightly loaded color. It is a wine of remarkable complexity, fresh and intense, with clear sensations of ripe exotic fruit. Harmonic and soft taste of great roundness and excellent fullness, body and persistence.

Serve at temperature of 10/12°C.

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