“Natincò” Moscato d’Asti DOCG

AREA: southern Piedmont, where the hills of Langhe roll into those of Monferrato.

MANUFACTURER: Produttori Associati Moscato d’Asti.


GRAPE VARIETY: Moscato Bianco.

ALCOHOL: 5,5% by Vol.


SUGGESTED FOOD: served cold it can be an innovative predinner drink of a great class. When chilled it is the perfect accompaniment for many sweets; from pastries to all types of cakes, or sweet bread desserts such as panettone or pandoro. It suits the tastings of fresh fruit or ice cream. Finally, we recommend it as the base for an aromatic fruit salad. Served at room temperature, it goes well with blue cheeses such as gorgonzola, and even, for the more adventurous, grilled prawns.


Vinification: selection of the finest Cuvée. Once the grapes have been picked, they must be pressed within six hours to avoid the interference of unwanted odours and flavors. Production moves hastily on to soft pressing, decanting with separation of the turbidity; and finally the wine is cooled to zero degrees and filtered. When the harvest is complete, the oenologist must determine which of the different cuvées will make the best combinations to create Natincò. The creation of Natincò concludes with the prise de mousse process and bottling. Visual aspect: it is a wine with a loaded, bright color and the twinkling of thousands of bubbles rising into the layer of foam above before bursting into the glass. Olfactory perception: it is intense and involving, initially reminiscent of the mother fruit, then making you think of sage before transporting you to the fragrances of sambuca and lime flowers. A final twist leaves the nose imbued with notes of white fruits. Taste: it is a journey characterised by an initial and educated sweetness that remains prominent throughout the tasting, confirming the previous olfactory experience.

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