“Infinito” Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG

AREA: The terraced property is in the town of Teglio located in the Rhaetian Alps Valtellina.

MANUFACTURER: Tenuta Scerscé


GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Nebbiolo grapes (Chiavennasca).

ALCOHOL: 15% by vol.


SUGGESTED FOOD: It fits perfectly with red meats, game and aged cheeses.


On average, the pressing of the grapes harvested by hand is done after some days, depending on the year. Drying until the first day of December. Then follows classical natural red vinification. Maceration on the peels of at least 10 days. During the slow fermentation pumping over and punching are made to promote contact of the liquid with the peels. To the benefit of oxygenation, extraction of colors and scents. This wine ages in oak barrels for at least 20 months, followed by ageing in bottle and darkness for at least 10-12 months.

Infinito has a garnet red color. It is a wine of great elegance, with structure and character. Very fine and detailed scents. warm and spicy, rich with notes of berries, fruit in alcohol, cinnamon and pepper. Classic scents of violets and withered roses. Great softness and persistence.

Serve in large ballon at a temperature of 18°C.

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