Fuoriclasse Leon Grappa Riserva Barrique 3 Years

AREA: Prosecco



GRAPE VARIETY: Sangiovese and other varieties authorized by the Chianti Classico production regulations.

ALCOHOL: 45 % by Vol.


Castagner “Fuoriclasse Leone” 3 Years is a Grappa Riserva which originates from the pomace of both white and red berried grapes. Once arrived at the distillery, the pomace is stored in large tunnels made of food grade plastic in order to preserve it from oxidation and bacteria. Once the selected yeasts are added, the alcoholic fermentation starts and then the distillation process takes place in continuous and discontinuous systems. At the end of the process the obtained grappa is aged for 3 years in oak and cherry wood barriques, and then it is bottled and commercialized.

COLOR: Bright amber.
BOUQUET: Rich and enveloping, with hints of candied fruit, dried fruit, honey, vanilla and sweet spices.
TASTE: Round, fruity, soft and pleasant, of good persistence.

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