Donna Sophia Abruzzo Pecorino DOC

AREA: Cugnoli



GRAPE VARIETY: selected red berry varieties cultivated on a middle aged vineyards located in Cugnoli’s area, following the principles of biological farming.

ALCOHOL: 13,5% by Vol.


SUGGESTED FOOD: best if paired with fish, fresh cheeses, and light pasta dishes.


Grape harvest takes place during the 2nd week of October, depending on the grapes’ complete biological ripe, whose evaluation is based on sugar degrees, pH and total sourness. Winemaking is carried out in respect of tradition and observing the most up-to-date rose winemaking methods. A short cryomaceration is made once the best grapes are selected and derasped, with this process the skins are kept in contact with the must at a temperature of about 8-10°C for about 10-12 hours. The so called flower must obtained from the separation of the skins is then decanted. Selected yeasts are then added and a fermentation is performed at at a temperature of about 15°C. The obtained wine is quickly separated from its dregs and preserved at a temperature of about 12°C until it is ready to be bottled. The rules required by regulations for biological wine production are observed during all winemaking’s stages, in order to assure and protect wine’s genuineness and healthiness.

Donna Sophia Abruzzo Pecorino DOC has a straw yellow color. The bouquet is elegant floral aromas of acacia and jasmine with hints of honey, and the flavor is fresh, harmonic, smooth and round with a good structure and body. Nice and long finish.

Serve at temperature of 10°C.

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