Consenso Grappa Riserva

AREA: Chianti Classico

MANUFACTURER: Distillerie Bonollo


GRAPE VARIETY: Sangiovese and other varieties authorized by the Chianti Classico production regulations.

ALCOHOL: 45 % by Vol.


Steam distillation in a discontinuous copper pot still with careful elimination of the head and tail compounds. Ageing in acacia, oak, ash and cherry wood.

OLFACTORY SENSATIONS: proportionate in intensity, it shows a rare balance articulated in notes ranging from floral, to fruity, to delicate hints of vanilla.
GUSTATORY AND TASTE-OLFACTORY SENSATIONS: very harmonic and with a note of unusual freshness. Decisive and complex bouquet in perfect harmony with what was perceived by direct olfaction.

Serve at a temperature of 17° C.

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