Consenso Grappa di Chianti Classico

AREA: Chianti Classico

MANUFACTURER: Distillerie Bonollo


GRAPE VARIETY: Sangiovese and other grapes authorized by the Chianti Classico production regulations.

ALCOHOL: 45 % by Vol.


Steam distillation in a discontinuous copper pot still, followed by a long period of aging in stainless steel containers under the careful control of the technicians.

VISUAL ASPECT: Crystalline in transparency and color shades.
OLFACTORY SENSATIONS: Its bouquet is rich and elegant, combining evocative notes of violet with a ripe fruitiness of small red berries.
TASTING AND AFTERTASTE SENSATIONS: Pleasantly harmonic, it spreads soft notes of wild berries jam that dissolve in the lasting persistence of currants, cherries and sweet spices.

Serve at a temperature of 9°-11° C in long-stemmed crystal tulip glass.

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